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Adding After Effect videos and presentation to your onsite and offsite branding efforts will take your marketing plan to a whole other level.

As you might already know, Adobe and a few select other software packages that you need to produce eye-catching videos with slick animation effects are notoriously hard to work with.

If you want expert quality, you need to hire an actual expert – software can’t substitute for knowledge.

Our team is intimately familiar with all aspects of modern after effect video production and are proud to be able to offer this service to you at highly competitive rates over our competition.

No job in the area of after effect video design is outside our area of expertise including:


Explainer videos are all the rage these days. With everyone and their grandmother online, it’s hard to capture a visitor’s attention and get them excited about the content, products and services you offer. Explainer vids make delivering your message easy and effective. We’ll work tirelessly with you to get all the edits and animations just right.

Logo introduction videos

Your logo is your brand. From Pepsi to FedEx, we all identify with several big (and small) brands by their unique logo design. There’s no better way to firmly burn that image into a potential customer’s brain than a slick, animated logo intro video. We can use your own current design, or our graphics team can work with you to create one from scratch.

Business presentation and promo videos

Whether you want to put together a simple text based slideshow with supporting images, or an exciting promo vid to promote your company or one of its newest products, we’ve got you covered on all bases. This was one of the very first video production and editing services we ever offered and its still one of the most popular.

Mobile app presentation and promo videos

Having an app that puts you in touch with existing customers and provides value to them is a great way to brand your business and keep the cash registers cha-chinging. Our team of video experts will work with you to make sure your mobile app presentation and promo vids are nothing less than spectacular.

Voice over

Have a great script? We have access to some of the best voice-over guys and gals in the industry. Let us know you’re interested in this part of our service when you contact us.

(Note: Currently, we don’t provide script writing services. Read this excellent post from QuickSprout on how to develop an amazing video script.)

Let’s get started!

Our reputation has always been all about going above and beyond what the competition does. We’ll work with you to build the best after effect video your site visitors and social media followers have ever seen before.