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It’s projected that over 2-billion people will own a smartphone by the end of 2016. That’s over a quarter of the current world population (7-billion people). Those numbers are further projected to triple by the year 2020 to 6.1-billion smartphone users (source).

U.S. based, Forester Research team recently unveiled data confirming that smartphone users spend 84% of their time on a smartphone using non-native mobile apps they’ve installed from an app store. Additional information released stated that of the time spent using those same apps, 88% of that time is spent using only 5 favorites!

Having an app to represent your brand isn’t just important; it’s essential if you want to keep pace with the competition and grow your company in the years to come. You want yours to be among those 5 favorites consumers are using.

DIY vs Using an App Development Service

There are several factors to regard when considering whether to build your own versus hiring out a service. Such factors include time and costs involved in conception and development, maintenance/security issues, and of course; whether you’re a skilled app developer to begin with, thus able to offset certain development costs.

Time and cost.

There’s no “20 minute solution” to building an app, as many companies who sell instant app making software will tell you. Apps take time to plan and build. Otherwise, they’ll be buggy and unappealing to end-users.

Basically, if you try rushing the process, you’re doomed before you even get started…

From a cost perspective, even the most basic mobile app with a few working features can start at $25,000! Costs rise steeply as you pile on more complex platform features. When you factor in updates and other maintenance, along with marketing costs, most simple apps can easily cost a $1,000,000 or more over their useful lifetime.

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Maintenance and security issues.

Maintenance needs for a mobile app include the need for regular bug fixes as end-users bring them to your attention, security updates to ensure the integrity of user data, and an ongoing growth plan to keep offering more and more value to users via the app while also keeping up with the competition.

Time requirements for maintenance can range from 5 – 20 hours per month to keep a tight running app. Financial requirements can run up into the thousands per year.

You’re not a developer.

Chances are, if you’re reading this then you’re not a developer. This issue is obvious to actual app developers, who’ve been there and done that. It’s also what many brands fail to consider when they decide to launch an app of their own.

If you’re not a developer and/or you don’t have a team of app developers behind you, you need to work with professionals unless you want your app to sit dormant in the app store collecting virtual dust. Our development team will work with you for as long as it takes, so you’re left with an app people will actually pay money for.

Our team of app developers has been there and done that. We know how to turn ideas into reality, common pitfalls that can crop up along the way – and how to fix them when they do!

How Much Money do You Want Your App to be Worth?

Apps can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars relatively quickly if the design is sound – millions in the long run if you play your cards right. How much money is your competitor’s app worth? Chances are, if they’re smart, they went the extra mile and used the right people and/or software to build their apps.

Quick facts about companies making money with iOS and Android apps:

  • 25% of iOS apps are making more than $5,000 a month currently.
  • 16% of Android apps are making $5,000 a month currently.

Why so few, you ask?

Because so few companies go the extra mile to design a useful, secure, virtually bug-proof app before launching it out into the market.

Once you’ve launched a poorly made app, often times there’s no going back to the drawing board. Word gets out and your reputation’s ruined…

The Truth About Launching a Profitable App

Here’s the honest truth that most people who use free app development software they find online won’t tell you: Apps – good apps – cost money to build. From conception, to development and beyond.

Our end-to-end app development service works with you from the conception stage, to the very time consuming development phase, straight on through to launch. We’ll work with you to get your app launched in the Android and Apple stores, and continue working with you until you’re completely satisfied.

When we say completely satisfied, we mean 100 percent satisfied!